Why Should I Buy A Digital Piano and How?
Donner musicImagine you're at a music store, and the clerk is standing by your side, asking you which type of piano you want. What are your options? Acoustic pianos or keyboard pianos?

If you are a new piano buyer, the clerk is most likely going to recommend a digital piano. While you might think a digital piano is nothing but a toy, the clerk is actually being honest and helpful: a digital piano is better for a beginner. Keep reading and you will soon learn why.

Why should you choose a digital piano?

As you may know, there are three types of pianos: acoustic pianos, digital pianos, and electronic keyboards. Then why should a beginner choose a digital piano rather than an acoustic piano or a keyboard?

If you live in an apartment, there’s a suggestion for you not to choose an acoustic piano. Acoustic pianos are generally huge because of the space required for internal mechanisms. They may require a large enough space to accommodate them. And portable digital pianos and keyboards are much smaller than acoustic pianos, which just need a little space.
travel with a portable keyboard piano

Portable digital pianos and keyboards are easier to carry, and you can move them anywhere at any time. So you can easily take your piano to a rehearsal or performance. This is simply impossible with acoustic pianos that require at least two adults to move them around.

Acoustic pianos are much more expensive than the other two pianos. You might not understand exactly how much a piano costs. The fact is that the average professional-level digital piano will cost about 5% of the median price of an acoustic piano. And the average cost of electronic keyboards is around $150.

Considering the factors mentioned above, including room space and budgets, an acoustic piano is not a realistic choice for everyone, especially for beginners. For piano learners, the sound quality and touch sensitivity of the keys may be the most important things.
digital pianos with perfect sound

With mature technology, digital pianos can produce a more realistic sound than electronic keyboards. When beginners press a key harder, digital pianos can create a bigger, louder sound. While they press a key softer, digital pianos will create a lighter sound.

Knowing that digital pianos are the best choice for most beginners, here comes the important part of this article—how to choose a suitable digital piano.

What’s the best digital piano for a beginner?

If you are a beginner who wants to learn piano on a digital piano, you had better choose a digital piano with the following features.

1. The piano keyboard needs to have 88 keys. If you have limited space or you are on a tight budget, you can select a 61-key digital piano. 61 keys can cover most piano compositions. But as playing skills improve, piano learners will eventually need an 88-key keyboard piano.
beautiful wooden-style 88-key digital pianos for home and garden

2. The size of the keys should be the same as that of the acoustic piano. With full-size keys, beginners can learn the correct finger spacing so that they can perform on the acoustic piano without much extra effort.

3. The key action should be fully weighted. Weighted keyboard pianos improve finger strength and technique, as well as make the move to an acoustic piano easier.

Weighted keyboards can provide better key action and piano experience. This can provide the right amount of resistance but also allow users to feel more authentic when they play. And it’s better to get used to it at the beginning, which makes learners play an acoustic piano more easily in the future.
digital pianos with sustain pedals

4. The digital piano needs sustain pedals, which can help beginners play a chord more smoothly as well as give them flexibility. Giving soft resistance, sustain pedals make users feel like they are playing an acoustic piano.

Beginners who use digital pianos with all of these features will be able to perform music more fluently on acoustic pianos in the future. Because these characteristics as closely as possible match the sensation of an acoustic piano, novices will have a better experience.

If you are going to buy a digital piano for a kid who wants to play the piano for fun, you just need to consider the key action. Young piano learners may not build enough finger strength.

It might be difficult for them to practice piano with fully weighted keys. However, with semi-weighted keyboards, children can play the digital piano easily and have fun. And that will stimulate children's interest in learning the piano.
playing the piano for fun

Of course, when kids grow up, they can upgrade their pianos. We still recommend 88-key weighted digital pianos with sustain pedals for piano learning and practicing, because they are the best choice of digital pianos.

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