Behind the Scene – Donner CA Warehouse Tour

Ever imagine what happens after you click the buy button and how the musical instruments that inspire get to you? Let us be your tour guide and walk you around our distribution center online.

As our sales cover several regions, we currently have warehouses and third-party warehouses in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. We have five warehouses in the United States, for now, three on the west coast and two in the east. Among the five warehouses, the earliest one we set up is located in Los Angeles and is also the distribution center we will show you today. The other four are located respectively in Fontana, California, Azusa, California, Bordentown, New Jersey, and Hebron, Kentucky. We prefer to call it distribution centers instead of the warehouse because they not only stow every kind of our products available coming fresh out of our factory here, but all the distributions of products via express services to different areas in all the sales regions happen here. As the main distribution center in the United States, most of the orders are processed and shipped out here every day. Despite the great number of orders, we manage to make sure we can hand you your products solid, intact, and in the shortest amount of time. With all the general information provided, we genuinely invite you to “tour” our distribution center in detail.

 Donner warehouse 

Service Process

Inbound of products

Shipped directly from the factory, the products are transported to the inbound area by trucks and get unloaded carefully either manually or by forklifts. According to different categories and sizes, big-size products are piled up on pallets and stowed in categorized areas. Small or medium-size products are put onto the shelves in categorization. Every one of the products receives careful overall package inspections before they are put to where they belong in case of any damages during the transportation.

 Donner warehouse

Stowing Environment

Since many of our products are wooden and contain electronics, the stowing environment has to be in suitable and consistent conditions or the tones and quality of the instruments may be affected, which is also the case that many customers are concerned with. We can tell you that there is no need to worry about it. Our warehouses are elaborately chosen to prevent drastic temperature changes. The temperature of the warehouses is constant and regular humidity checks are carried out to make sure all the products are in good condition as we want to deliver our best-conditioned instruments that allow the full display of your musical talents.

 Donner warehouse stowing

Picking Orders

When the orders drop-in, according to the product categories, our meticulous administrators and pickers proceed to the corresponding area and pick up the products to fulfill the orders. Unlike other companies which introduce robots into order picking, all the pickings are done manually because some of our instruments are heavy and we want to make sure every order is fulfilled with the right products. We abide by the principle of customers first and any wrong picking of orders will result in a loss in strength, time, and economy of yours especially for orders of big size or heavy products.


Assured Delivery and Quality

After the order is placed, we also double-check the information of the order and the quality of the products. Our team makes sure the delivery address is within where the distribution centers can cover and whether other warehouses can provide faster delivery. Placing orders in the wrong area may also encounter stock-out problems, all of which are a waste of your precious time. In addition, to make sure you are satisfied with the brand new look of your ordered instruments, our team will also carry out detailed inspections of the products before final packaging and shipped out.


After the inspections, items are resealed to their original sealing then packed with several layers of high polymer plastic covers that are anti-wear so your goods will not be exposed and damaged. We provide tough boxes and cases for our products when they are crafted and shipped out of the factory and their intact arrival at the warehouses is the best proof. However, in case of any possible accidents during the delivery, we do pack some of our products with bump-free foam depending on certain situations and we promise whether there is any foam in the package, your products will arrive intact. After the packaging, products will be organized according to their destinations and placement time of the orders for the equality of all the customers.


Shipping& Delivery Timeliness

We have established strong strategic cooperation with main Express like UPS, etc, to ensure our delivery speed. Our delivery time is normally within 2-3 workdays. Due to the pandemic, the delivery may be a little delayed and we genuinely appreciate your kind understanding. For transparency, the delivery in areas other than America may also be slightly delayed because of the number of warehouses and your distance from it. But we are setting up more warehouses in various locations to shorten our average delivery time in all areas. During big sales campaigns, we have arranged adequate stocks in advance so all the orders can be shipped out on time. So you don’t need to worry about getting your goods weeks later which heavily wears down your enthusiasm.

Pandemic Protection

After the outbreak of the Covid-19, pandemic protection has been our priority ever since. For the health of both our customers and our staff, we pay special efforts in sterilizing our products and warehouses. Multiple sterilizations are carried out before the products get shipped out of the factory and arrive at the warehouses. Regular sterilizations are also arranged in every one of our warehouses. Before we hand every one of our products to delivery, extra polyvinyl alcohol is also sprayed on the package for safety. Please also sterilize the package after you receive the package. Stay safe!


Thanks to the complete inventory control by our supply chain and the delicate arrangement of product piling& placement by our warehouse teams, our warehouses accommodate large inventories of products and are far from saturation. So, to store stocks for big sales campaigns like Black Friday, Thanks Giving Day, Christmas, and New Year is more than equal to a task. Moreover, big storage space allows us to have every product in stock with a considerable amount and it makes you shop with no concerns.

Donner warehouse inventory 

More Information

That’s the end of our online warehouse tour. Should you have any questions or want more information, feel free to reach out to us by clicking the contact us button. Until next time, keep playing and stay safe!


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