Electric Guitars Make Acoustic Guitars Unnecessary: Myth or Fact?
Some beginners may think that as the electric guitar develops, acoustic guitars are becoming unnecessary. Is it a myth or fact? Or the other way round: Is it true that acoustic guitars have competitive advantages over electric guitars in some aspects?

Yes! There are five advantages you should know about acoustic guitars. Keep reading and you will know the points!

1. Pay Closer Attention to the Guitar

When you play the electric guitar, you may get dissatisfied with the performance situation. Imagine playing with cables and pedals all around your feet, with your electric guitar's pickups and amplifiers occasionally malfunctioning. Is this a nightmare scenario? An acoustic guitar is a better alternative if you don't want to experience this at all.
beautiful acoustic guitars

If you choose to play an acoustic guitar, the guitar and the pick are the only things you'll need. You can even play without a pick if you play fingerstyle guitar. Generally speaking, all you need to do is concentrate on the guitar itself. Amps, pedals, and volume knobs aren't necessary with acoustic guitars. This allows novices to concentrate more on the guitar's chords, scales, and sound.

2. Easier to Master the Basics

As you may know, electric guitars are typically easier to play than acoustic guitars. Compared to acoustic guitars, electric guitars have thinner strings, narrower fingerboards, and smaller bodies. These characteristics may be favourable for young beginners.

While playing the electric guitar is easy, learning the basics is more difficult. Because, in most cases, the sound amplified by the current masks obscures your mistakes. As a consequence, you won't feel the need to spend as much time practising the basics as an acoustic guitarist. However, as a guitarist, the basics are critical. As your skills and complexity develop, the basics and techniques you learned at the start will continue to evolve.
playing acoustic guitar with fun

The best approach to learning the fundamentals of the guitar is to progressively master chords and scales on an acoustic guitar. Because acoustic guitars have a more natural and clear tone, you'll be able to hear your mistakes more clearly and correct them by modifying the tune.

The more you practise, the more proficient you will become. Because there is no distortion or effects to mask the sound of an acoustic guitar, you must be more careful with your technique, tone, and sound. In the long run, this attention to detail will help you become a better guitarist. 

3. Unique Sounds

The sound of the electric guitar is magnified by the amplifier, generating a strong sound that emphasizes the meaning behind each song. After decades of development, the electric guitar has grown into a versatile instrument capable of a wide range of sounds and styles in genres such as pop, rock, blues, and jazz. However, electric guitars don’t produce as clean tones as acoustic guitars.
the fretboard of acoustic guitar

The sound of an acoustic guitar is bright and clear. Some individuals prefer these sounds because they are more subtle and pleasant. It's always a pleasure to listen to an acoustic guitar's pure, warm resonance.

This warm wooden tone is nearly impossible to duplicate with an electric guitar, no matter how many effects pedals you have. Furthermore, because the electric guitar is not ideal for performing gentle tunes, the acoustic guitar is a better alternative if you wish to play country or folk music.

4. Portable and Easy to Trip

Acoustic guitars are small and light, making them convenient to carry. You may transport your acoustic guitar by putting it in a bag. Because your gear is simply a guitar bag, you may jam at a friend's house or practise anywhere.
playing the guitar outside

Maybe you'd want to take your guitar camping? When you look attentively at musicians around a campfire, you'll see that acoustic guitars outnumber electric guitars. Because playing electric guitar outside isn't as simple as it appears, players will require an amplifier first, followed by a power source. This makes it difficult to play electric guitar outside of the living room.

5. Cheaper Than Electric Guitars

Acoustic guitars are less expensive than electric guitars. Even the most affordable or low-end electric guitar can cost more than a mid-range acoustic guitar. You'll also need to buy extra electric guitar accessories, which may rapidly add up in price.
classical acoustic guitar

An electric guitar, for example, requires a cable and an amplifier. To go with your electric guitar, you'll need a variety of effects pedals. These aren't required for acoustic guitars. In terms of the total cost, electric guitars are significantly more expensive than acoustic guitars.


Can electric guitars make acoustic guitars unnecessary? No. Acoustic guitars have their own irreplaceable advantages. If you are on a tight budget or have high requirements for tone, an acoustic guitar is a better choice for you.

Even if you start with an electric guitar, your growing skill and inspiration will naturally lead you to want to learn an acoustic guitar. For more information, please tap into the Donner Canada official website. You can find suitable beginner guitars here at fair prices!
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