Discover the Best Father's Day Gifts in Donner Mid-Year Sale

Are you ready to find the perfect Father's Day gift while enjoying incredible savings? Our mid-year sale is here, offering a fantastic opportunity to surprise your loved ones with thoughtful presents. With Price Drop up to C$375 off sitewide, there's never been a better time to shop for Father's Day. Let's explore the top picks for Father's Day gifts and the featured products that are sure to delight any music enthusiast.

Sale Details:

  • Dates: June 13th - June 26th
  • Discounts: Price Drop up to C$375 off


Top Picks on Sale:

Digital Pianos

Digital pianos offer a blend of elegance, versatility, and exceptional sound quality. As a Father's Day gift, a digital piano can bring hours of musical enjoyment and serve as a beautiful addition to any home.


  • 88 Key Full-Weighted Digital Piano: Simulates acoustic piano feel.
  • Powerful Sound Source: Advanced French DREAM sound for realism.
  • Stereo Surround Speakers: Two 25W speakers for rich sound.
  • Fashion Appearance: Available in natural wood and walnut wood colors.


  • Authentic Key Feel: 88-key fully-weighted action.
  • Meticulous Sound Engineering: Lifelike sound for enhanced playing.
  • Versatile Audio Options: MP3 playback through built-in amplifier.
  • Elegant Design: Sleek wooden cabinet with sliding key cover.


  • Weighted Keyboard Piano: Full-sized 88 hammer progressive weighted keys.
  • Upgraded speaker system.
  • Wide Range of Functions: 128 voice polyphony, 138 tones, and more.
  • Offers 5 Reverb Types, Keyboard Split, Metronome, Bluetooth, Tempo Adjustment
  • 1.3-inch LCD Screen


Guitars are timeless instruments that resonate with people of all ages. Whether it's an acoustic or electric guitar, the gift of music through a guitar can create lasting memories and inspire creativity.


  • Ideal Travel Guitar: Lightweight, fits in airplane overhead bins.
  • Practice Anytime, Anywhere: Ultra-quiet with a natural-sounding preamp system.
  • Superior Sound Quality: Anti-phase button for noise reduction.
  • Comfortable Practice: Asymmetrical neck design reduces wrist fatigue.


  • Travel-Friendly Companion: Compact, lightweight at 4.4 pounds.
  • Exceptional Tones: 3-way switch with volume and tone control.
  • Comfort in Every Strum: Ergonomic design with an asymmetrical neck.
  • Reliable Tuning Precision: Innovative headless tuning system.

Electronic Drum Sets

Electronic drum sets provide an immersive and dynamic drumming experience. As a gift, an electronic drum set can ignite a passion for rhythm and percussion, offering endless opportunities for musical exploration.

DED-200 Max

  • Realistic Feel: Dual-zone snare and tom pads for dynamic playing.
  • Comprehensive Sound Module: Over 225 sounds and 30 demo songs.
  • Flexible Setup: Adjustable rack for customized positioning.


  • Professional Features: Advanced sound module with 400 sounds.
  • Mesh Heads: Provide a natural feel and quiet response.
  • Durable Build: Sturdy construction for long-term use.


Donner's Mid-Year Sale is the event you've been waiting for. With Price Drop up to C$375 off, there's no better time to invest in high-quality musical instruments. From our top-of-the-line digital pianos and innovative HUSH guitars to our feature-packed electronic drum sets, there's something for every musician. Mark your calendars for June 13th to June 26th and take advantage of these incredible deals. Happy shopping, and happy playing!


Featured products

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