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Donner Music helps to ignite new musical adventures at Joe Hall Elementary School


With the opening of the 2022 school year, Donner Music has teamed up with Joe Hall Elementary School in Miami, Florida, on a special project to support its music program.

Guitars for students

It all started over the summer when Donner had the great fortune of connecting with Walter Rodrigues, an amazing musician and music teacher from Miami. With over 20 years of teaching experience in the school system, Donner Music found in Walter the perfect partner as they both share the same passion and vision about the utmost importance and benefits of music in children’s education and development.


As a result, Donner Music donated 40 instruments to Joe Hall Elementary (Tri-Pop Mini Guitars and 10 Violins). Walter found the Tri-Pop guitars to be the perfect instrument to introduce “little hands” into the guitar world. Since the Tri-Pop has only 3 strings (same tuning as the top 3 strings on a regular guitar E, B, G), children can finger notes and chords much easier and quicker when compared to a 6-string guitar.

mini guitars for kids

Besides the cool eye-catching modern design, the Tri-Pops come in three different colors: red, light green, and blue, making them very attractive and fun to play. In the video below, students are practicing a sequence of “1-finger chords” learned during a 60-minute lesson block.



Kids are very excited about the new instrument as they quickly learn how to play songs using simple chords.  Here’s what they are saying:

Donner Music provides tri-pop mini guitars for children

“I like the Tri-Pop guitar because it’s colorful and it has a nice sound and tone.”  - A.P

“I love the Tri-Pop guitar because it has fewer strings and a smooth sound.” - M.R

“I like the Tri-Pop guitar because it is colorful, and it only has 3 strings.” – J.D


Guitar Lesson for Children

Tri-Pop three-string guitars are perfect for children who never try any guitars before. For children that have experience with small guitars or Ukuleles, there are more versatile guitars that meet the need for advanced learning and small stage performing. See more guitars for beginners.

Meanwhile, Walter has agreed to share his Tri-Pop guitar lesson with us step by step. Here it goes.

Tri-Pop Guitar Lesson #1

By Walter Rodrigues


Target: Students in Grades 2-5 (ages 7-10)

Lesson duration: 60 Min.

Goal: To have students properly play a sequence of 1-finger chords and apply it to a song.

Step 1: Learn guitar parts and open string names (5 min)

Step 2: Guitar holding position (5min)

Step 3: Left hand placement (5min)

Step 4: Fingering position (5 min)

Step 5: Pick holding and strumming pattern (5min)

Step 6: Practice assigned chords / chord names (15min)

Step 7: Play chord progression / 4 strums per chord / G, Gmaj7, Em, C (10min)

Step 8: Apply progression to songs with a I – IV chord progression (e.g. “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors) – (10min)

free guitar lessons for kids


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