NAMM x Donner 2023: Wooden Digital Pianos

NEW DDP-80 PLUS Digital Piano

Anaheim, CA – April 14, 2023 – Donner, leading manufacturer of innovative and feature-rich musical instruments, announces multiple upgrades to the company’s DDP-80 PLUS wooden digital piano, the upgraded version of Donner top selling DDP-80 wooden digital piano.DDP-80 PLUS will realise in JUNE 2023.

The DDP-80 series digital pianos are designed for beginners, and their beautiful appearance and practical functions make the DDP-80 series digital pianos popular.

DDP-200 Digital Piano

With the same original wooden design of the electric steel, Donner DDP-200 digital piano not only has a uniquely elegant design but a more professional keyboard.

Upgraded Graded Hammer Action Keyboard

Donner DDP-200 digital piano employs the dual-sensor graded hammer action keyboard. The performance is comparable to that of a high-end piano, and it truly restores the feel of a realistic acoustic piano performance. The digital piano 88 key weighted can help you accurately present the emotional control of strong and soft tones with the triple pedal. Your performance range can be soft and delicate, or dynamic and tense, giving you an infinite number of expression options for your performance scene.

New "3D" Sound System

The newly upgraded speaker system - the unique hanging design of the speaker box makes the output sound more three-dimensional, providing you with the best listening experience. And this design reduces the footprint of the piano keyboard. Donner DDP-200 digital piano has made significant advances in appearance and tone improvement.

Gorgeous Sound

The newly upgraded audio chip of DDP-200 digital piano allow you to enjoy the beautiful tone of the acoustic grand piano in your daily practice. When you press the first key, you will be surprised to hear how close it is to the tone of the grand piano. With DDP-200, you can enjoy a small concert at home.

1.3 LCD Screen

The screen of DDP-200 digital piano displays the current tone selection, reverb effects (reverb effect adjusted according to the five tones), demo songs, and other real-time parameters. You can clearly understand the functions and parameters that are currently in use, allowing you to play the performance flawlessly.

Unique Magnetic Design

The music stand on the clamshell has a stable and convenient structure that allows for the placement of music scores and iPads. The unique magnetic suction design effectively protects the performance and appearance of the keys by tightly absorbing the music stand when closing the lid.

Compact and Elegant

The clean, simple lines perfectly combine the modern simplicity style with the timeless elegance of the piano. And the compact design that differs from the bulkiness of the traditional piano saves more living space for you. All of these special design make the DDP-200 to be an indispensable and gorgeous decoration in the home environment.


Bluetooth MIDI, dual headphone jacks, 128 polyphony, built-in metronome, 5 reverb effects, 5 demo songs and so on, all these functions will help you create more possibilities.

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